Opening Weekend

Schnalstal is happy to welcome back the Gentlemen's Summer camp organized by the F-Tech crew and Gentlemen Riders. During the opening weekend the Gentlemen's Nitro Park Schnalstal was in perfect condition, with larger jib area and facilities suitable for all levels of riding. For the F-Tech Shooting, we hosted riders like Nutti Niemelä, Mario Käppeli, Gian Simmen, Matze Vogt, Stefano Munari, Julia Baumgartner, Marko Grigis and Kevin Kok. The Italian snowboard Team also remain in Schnalstal to train during the next two weeks on a specially constructed kicker setup. The Fakie Board Test also allowed us to test 2013 materials for free. Different brands such as Nitro, Burton, Forum, Bataleon and Lobster took place in Schnalstal.

We have opened the chill area with DJ set by Arno Parmeggiani and mega BBQ. This is the meeting point where every weekend we will organize the obligatory BBQ and relax in the afternoon. Slackline, trampoline, Indo Board, fishing and music are what you notice. By making the Gentlemen's Card you can test the latest materials 2013 Nitro, DC, Capita, Union, Bataleon, Lobster, Yes, Stepchild, Smokin, Slash. But there's even more! If you are a owner of the Gentlemens Summer Card you will participate in the SurfToLive.com competiton, that means that we are offering 6 wekks of accommodation at the Surf Hous in Santander, Spain. The first lucky winner and was Fabrizio Giusto, congratulations to you and send us a postcard!

 Here is the calender of upcomming events in Schnalstal:

23.06-07.07 Summer Rookie Camp

14-15.07 GMR "The Summer is magic"

28-29.07 Summer Splash Closing Weekend