FINALLY we got some nice weather and sunshine!
The park is completely reshaped out of more than half a meter of fresh snow.
Underneath the park overview (photographed TODAY) you can see our norwegian friend Tarjei at one of the first hits on our big booter. Enjoy!



Hey you fishermen out there...
We got some fresh fish in our lake at Gentlemen Riders Summercamp!

Drop by and help us to fish them out and grill them at our exclusive Gentlemen Rider's BBQ,
see you there.


It's on!
We survived the first week of our Gentlemen's Summer full of rain and snow. Still we had good times here in Val Senales... The biggest campfire you have ever seen on "Herz-Jesu-Sonntag" while enjoying our classic Gentlemen Riders BBQ and watching the soccer world cup at the lake.

This week started with a hell lot of work for our F-Tech shapers - they had to dig our park out of half a meter of fresh pow!!
Stay tuned for fresh some pics of the newly shaped park of the first bluebird day expected TOMORROW!


Hey Girls,
check out our exclusive Nikita ladies Weekend here at Gentlemen's Summer Val Senales!